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The Results Group, Inc. provides a full ranges of services to both sell-side and buy-side clients.

Taking A Company to Market

Selling one’s business can be both an exciting and challenging project. It is a process, but one that requires focus, commitment, patience and perseverance. Each of these can place strong demands on your time and resources.

What is most important is how to maximize your return and help you capitalize on your years of hard work. As such, your business deserves the best possible exposure to qualified buyers and the focused efforts of an experienced business intermediary.

The Results Group, Inc. (TRG) is comprised of individuals with extensive real world operating experience who work with a network of professionals that have the requisite skills and resources to help find the right buyer and consummate the right deal.

The general process we follow to sell a Client company is designed to provide the Client with the widest possible exposure to target Buyers while maintaining rigidly enforced confidentiality agreements to help insure that only the ‘right’ people know that the Client company is for sale. We’d be happy to share our entire process with you so that you can see first-hand why our approach is designed to find the best opportunity for you.

Important Points for Every Seller

Depending upon the size of the business and the situation, a specific “selling” price is not offered in any initial mailing or in the Offering Memorandum. The objective is let the buyer make the first move toward a valuation of the company. The buyer will have specific ideas about the value a company might bring to its operation that may not have been considered by the seller. In situations like this a strategic buyer is usually always willing to offer a higher valuation than a financial buyer.

It may be in the best interests of the seller to obtain an independent third party valuation of the business. An independent valuation should help provide prospective buyers with an understanding of the value of the business when considered against other similar companies in the market.  Also, all independent third party valuations are financial valuations based on IRS guidelines.

Generally these valuations don’t take into account strategic value-drivers that add to the overall value of the company. TRG personnel work closely with management to understand and quantify these value-drivers to provide a more comprehensive picture of the actual value of the firm as opposed to just a financial one.

TRG is very focused on maintaining confidentiality during the process. The Client company is never revealed without prior permission from the Client. It is also important that the confidentiality extend to the personnel of the Client company. Since employees are usually not aware of a potential sale, TRG only uses a “reference” number to identify the Client company. This minimizes any potential “leak” to staff and operating personnel.

While TRG is the conduit by which prospective buyers find out about the opportunity, the Client is in control of the entire process in terms of who is contacted and who is invited to see the operation. The Client must approve each phase of the transaction before we proceed.

TRG cannot and does not provide accounting and legal advice. We have established relationships with outstanding professionals in each of these fields in the event the Client wishes to engage them for their professional opinion.