Company Forms


There are multiple forms that are integral to the business transaction process.

Potential buyers and sellers have found it helpful to have some familiarity with the various agreements, contracts, and forms used throughout the process.

In many cases, there are industry wide standard forms that are common.  There may be some modifications due to specific state laws, but these generic forms are designed to address the most critical issues.

There are Standard Representation Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements that reflect the key points in a transaction.  These Agreements are, however, only a guideline and not designed to address every specific situation.

At The Results Group, Inc. we have developed a comprehensive Representation Agreement that is specifically tailored to the markets we address.  Also, Purchase Agreements  (both sell and buy) are deal specific and designed to address the particular situation at hand. These Agreements  are usually drafted by the Buyer and the Buyer’s Counsel.

Our Intermediaries work with both parties to insure that any and all agreements meet the needs of the transaction and are designed to protect all parties in a fair and ethical manner.

Select Sample Agreements include:

Individual Buyer Non-disclosure Agreement

Financial Questionnaire

Buyer Registration Form
A form that provides the name and address of businesses that a business broker is showing a prospective buyer. It may also be an agreement in which the buyer agrees not to deal directly with a seller, but rather to work with the broker who represents the seller.

Buyer/Seller Disclosure Form