Done Deals

Recent Select Engagements include:

H&J Trading/atalanta Corporation

H&J Trading, one of the west coast’s leading food importers has been acquired by atalanta Corporation, the largest privately-held food importer in the United States. H&J Trading’s highly regarded Maria® brand canned artichokes and other fine products are number one in almost every market where offered. H&J brings added depth to an already outstanding line of products offered by atalanta Corporation in both the food service and retail market. TRG Business Advisors represented the sellers in this transaction.

Belmont Lumber Company

Belmont Lumber is a highly regarded full service operation providing quality lumber products to the retail and contractor trade.  The company offers a full range of quality product and competitive prices for builders and home owners on the San Francisco peninsula.   TRG Business Advisors represented the sellers in this transaction.

Tecno Display Inc.

Tecno Display is a manufacturer of high quality custom designed display cases for retailers (jewelry stores, high end merchandise) as well as high value contents (museums).  The company has both national and international distribution.  TRG was engaged by the owner to value the company for buyout from a current minority partner.  TRG also worked with management to determine areas for long term strategic growth to add value to the company.

Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon USA is a subsidiary of Kuhn Rikon, an international manufacturer and distributor of pressure cookers and a comprehensive array of kitchen tools.  The Swiss company is known for its high quality innovative designs and is recognized as a market leader in every market where its products are sold.  TRG was engaged by the minority owner of the U.S. operation to value the U.S. operations business for acquisition by the majority shareholder.  TRG represented the minority shareholder in this transaction.


Gianna’s is one of the country’s premier gourmet baking companies providing select retailers with a wide array of hand-made gourmet cookies. pies and other baked goods.  The company’s products are sold to major food retailers such as Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joe’s, Safeway and Costco as well as regional and local grocery operations.  TRG has had a long term consulting arrangement general management to position the company for strategic growth and market expansion.


Centerload, a leader in the dunnage bag industry (packaging materials) was acquired by ITW (Illinois Tool Works) the 155th largest company in the Fortune 500. Centerload is a a highly regarded international supplier of paper, vinyl and PP Woven dunnage bags to help secure transport loads. The company has manufacturing operations in China and Turkey. A very sizeable mid-market company, Centerload provides ITW, the industry leader, with a strong product line, multiple patented products and market presence around the world. TRG Business Advisors represented the seller in the transaction.


BootCampSF is one of San Francisco’s premier outdoor training and exercise companies. The Results Group (TRG) was engaged by the company to value the company for purposes of a buy-out of a minority business partner.  TRG worked with both management and outside resources to establish a market value for the entire operation.

2nd Site Software

TRG worked extensively with management and their legal counsel to evaluate a proposed buyout offer from a large national consulting firm. TRG provided recommendations on price, deal structure and several options available to management to maximize the value of the company and minimization of taxes to seller. TRG represented the seller.

DRB Partners

DRB Partners is a boutique advertising agency providing full service advertising and PR services to a broad range of high technology clients. The Results Group (TRG) was tasked with creating the transition of the company from current ownership to a select group of inside management. TRG developed a unique program to transfer ownership over a defined time period while maintaining both current and long term income for the current ownership group. TRG represented the seller in this transaction.

Prather Ranch Meat Company

Prather Ranch Meat Company is the San Francisco Bay Area’s most recognized purveyor of organic and high quality beef, pork and poultry products. TRG worked with management in the analysis of a purchase of another firm supplying quality pork products. TRG provided the deal structure for the acquisition by Prather. TRG also assisted management in their overall corporate operation and the development of their long term financial plan for their financing and expansion in the market.

Mail Filters Inc.

Mail Filters engaged The Results Group to conduct a valuation of the company for the purpose of distributing stock to the management team. The company was owned by a single shareholder who wanted to distribute stock to key employees. A thorough analysis of the spam prevention market was undertaken to assist management in determining a fair market value for the company in order to enable equity distribution to the management team.


TRG was engaged by counsel and management to help determine the fair market value of the company in order to effect a management buyout of two partners. RMS is an emerging company in the remediation market serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

United Protection Service

United Protection Service is highly regarded uniform security guard service serving the corporate market, housing associations and select private clients. This mid-market privately held company provides both on-site security guard services as well as patrol service. The company has been in operation for over 20 years and is consisted one of the best firms in the area. TRG represented the seller in this transaction.

Agra Tech Inc.

Agra Tech is one of the top 5 commercial greenhouse manufacturing companies in the United States. The company is a recognized industry leader with over 5,000 installations. They have customers every state and more than 20 countries around the world. TRG’s Fusion Group, over a period of five years provided on-going strategic marketing and sales management consulting to both the President and the sales and marketing organization. Additionally, TRG acted as the interface between select outside vendors and the company.

Motive Products Inc.

TRG personnel worked with the management team to position the company to go to market. The consulting services included development of the offering memorandum and blind ad descriptions of the company and operation. In an advisory capacity, TRG personnel represented and assisted the owners through the divesiture of the company to an outside third party.

International Security Services Inc.

International Security Services is a highly respected regional security services organization providing uniformed security guard and protection services to major domestic and international corporations as well high net worth individuals. This mid-market company provides a full range of security services and has been used by the United States Secret Service to provide security details for the both President Clinton and President Bush. TRG represented both parties in this transaction.

Simpson Company Painting Contractors

Simpson Company Painting Contractors is one of the premier residential painting contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have a long established full service operation that caters to the high end residential market . The company is considered to be the vendor of choice by many of the areas leading executives on the peninsula for their quality of work, commitment to detail and caliber of people. TRG represented the seller in this transaction.

Eichen’s Lighting

Eichen’s has been in business for more than 40 years and has a long established retail operation serving both the residential and commercial market on the San Francisco peninsula. The company is a full service operation that addresses a wide variety of market segments and tastes. TRG represented both parties in this transaction.

Fastrack Learning Systems

The Results Group represented the seller of this boutique software firm to a company that developed and patented the technology for personalizing video and audio in real time for a specific target recipient. The company had strong technical expertise but limited marketing ability. We were able to match them with a strong sales and marketing company that had products which were able to directly benefit from the patented technology.

TRG’s Fusion Group Consultants provided feedback on the Company’s business strategy and helped identify, recommend and introduce potential buyer’s of the Company’s patented technology.

Ricoh Silicon Valley

TRG’s Fusion Group consulting operation worked with senior management to develop a business plan for a digital office for small/medium size businesses. We also developed a channel plan for the introduction of a new peripheral product in the copier market.

NetManage Inc.

TRG’s Fusion Group Consultants managed the complete redesign and launch of the corporate web site as well as evaluated and revamped the Company’s PR and advertising strategy to better align the Company’s products and focus with their target market.

eLink Commerce

TRG’s Fusion Group Consultants developed a sales forecasting model as well as designed and trained the field organization in sales strategy, prospecting techniques and channel development. We also developed a “Customer Experience” cookbook to manage the customer through the sales and installation process.


TRG’s Fusion Group helped the CEO revise the corporate sales compensation program as well as assist in defining measurable sales compensation targets and goals.

e4e Inc.

TRG’s Fusion Group managed the development of the company’s initial web site and provided all of the content for the web site. TRG also managed the company’s official introduction into the market.

Corish Electric

This commercial and ‘high end’ residential electrical contracting business works with an extensive corporate client work as well as select general contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area. TRG represented both parties in this transaction.

Associated Material Handling

TRG’s Fusion Group worked with management to evaluate sales and sales management personnel and then developed a sales incentive program as well as a comprehensive sales training program for both management and the field organization.