“Please don’t be a stranger. In my opinion you are the best. I like the challanges and your group really gets the job done. Please use me as a reference whenever you want.”

Michael Luddy, CEO of International Security Services

“Thanks for a thorough and terrific job. You did an excellent job of getting me ready to sell my company and finding the right buyer. I’ll now happily move to Ireland knowing that we found the right buyer and the company is in good hands.”

Peter Corish, Owner of Corish Electric

“I have reviewed the package you sent and must say this is the best package on any business I have seen for sale. You are to be complimented on the fine job.”

Bob Smith-Buyer

“Thank you for the great effort, excellent offering memorandum and counsel. Your approach and determination made the deal happen. You priced the company correctly and we got a full price offer. It’s obvious you know what you’re doing.

I also appreciate your after the sale counsel. You provide a great service to your clients.”

– Ron Barranti, CEO of United Protection Services

“I can’t say enough good things about the job you did. You suggested I wait a year or two to build the value of my company and told me how to do it. It made all the difference in the world. You made the process easy and for that alone, I am grateful.”

– Matt Ames, President of Simpson Painting Contractors

“Your Offering Memorandum is very high quality for this size deal (I’m lucky to see this for deals 5 times the size). Pretty much everything’s there. Best of all, the executive summary is only a few pages and gives a nice overview.”

– John Palmer, Managing Partner, The Hanover Group

“…I should add that we are very lucky to have you help with this process. I think all three of us have learned a quite bit from your low key direct way of asking questions and cutting to the chase.

Much appreciated.”

Olaf Elze

Thank you for your assistance and direction.

Hopefully, we’ll purchase another of your clients”.

– Tom Keenan, Vice President of Business Development ITW Shippers


Thank you again for assisting Centerload and me with the successful sale of Centerload to ITW. You were instrumental in getting the deal done”.

– Hubert Lenczowski, Counsel for Centerload in ITW acquisition